Medicinal mud and lye - Burgas

Medicinal mud and lye - BurgasMedicinal mud and lye - BurgasMedicinal mud and lye - Burgas

The pools full of medicinal mud and lye are located in the southern section of Atanasovsko Lake and are the biggest free outside “SPA centre” in the country. This place is known to all the residents of Burgas and over the last few years it has gained popularity among the city guests. The extraction of the mud and the lye is performed in an environmentally friendly way and does not harm the inhabitants of the lake. The black mud has been proved to relieve and cure various diseases.
The essence of mud treatment is the complex influence over the entire peripheral nervous system. Its heating properties expand the vessels and open new capillaries. Thus, they reduce the swelling and the pain, cure and remove scars, improve the metabolic and regeneration processes. Apart from treating, the mud also beautifies and rejuvenates because the substances calcium, iodine, phosphorus and others are absorbed into the skin. It also cures almost all types of skin diseases, arthritis, discal hernia, gynecological problems, plexitis. It is only contraindicated in cases of tuberculosis, venereal and malignant diseases.
The Black Sea lye has a proven medicinal effect. It is used in the treatment and prophylaxis of diseases related to the musculoskeletal system, skin inflammations and wounds, varicose veins and colds. It is recommended in cases of arthrosis, arthritis, tendonitis, discopathy, sprains of the joints and sciatica. It is recommended to stay in the lye no longer than 20-30 minutes not to overload the heart.
The visits to the natural pools containing medicinal mud, salt and lye is free of charge and for that reason people covered in mud can often be seen.
You can follow the example of the local people, for whom it is a real pleasure after the long working day to have a few healing procedures and then to swim into the sea of the nearby beach and sunbathe for some time. This is very relaxing and refreshing for everyone who has tried the healing gifts of nature – mud, lye, the sun and the sea water.
Near the mud and lye pools there is a parking lot where you can leave you car for free. There is free wi-fi in the area. The place has been equipped with showers and the beach is less than 100 meters away. How to get there?
The pools with medicinal mud and lye that are permitted for use are located in the southern section of Atanasovsko Lake near the administrative building of Black Sea Salt Mines. There are two possible ways to get there:
1. The first one passes through Primorski park (The Sea Garden) of Burgas and following it northwards you can get to the red and black pools on foot and/or by bike. There is limited access for cars because of the production activities of the Black Sea Salt Mines;
2. The second option is to use the main road from Burgas to Varna. This way is accessible only by car. You have to take the turning to Kableshkovo, following the signboards for the Salt Mines – South. After descending along the road, the direction you need to take is to the right and thus you reach the barrier of the Black Sea Salt Mines or the former bunker located on the sea coast.

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