Ajara Khariton Akhvlediani State Museum

Ajara Khariton Akhvlediani State MuseumAjara Khariton Akhvlediani State MuseumAjara Khariton Akhvlediani State Museum

The museum was founded in 1908. It conserves unique archaeological materials from the 12th-9th centuries BCE and the 7th-6thcenturies BCE, including a Greek black-glaze crater (a vessel used to hold wine or other liquids) from theAntique period, engraved axes and sculptures. It also has the "Gonio hoard" - a collection of different treasures - which comprises an intaglio depicting Aphrodite and Eros, gold-chased bowl from the 1st-2nd centuries CE, a gold figure of a disc thrower, fragments of a golden belt, pendants with Helios and other stylized images, beads, foils, pendants, cult statues (bronze), as well as various samples of ethnographic, folk and applied art from the turn of 19th-20th centuries CE. In total, the museum hosts a collection of 183 241 different works and pieces.

• Tel.: (+995): 0 422 27 11 75
Address: 4 Kh. Akhvlediani street

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